One of a Kind

Dan Gîrtofan - Rally Driver Skoda Romania Motorsport
Romanian National Rally Championship
European Rally Championship - Balkan Rally Trophy
Dan Gîrtofan is one of Romania's personalities when it comes to motorsport. He is one of the best rally drivers in the country, currently vice champion. We had the difficult task to refresh his sponsorship presentation with a new visual identity. Because he represents Skoda Romania Motorsport, the obvious option as a main color was the Skoda green. But in order to make it stand out, we chose a magenta shade as a contrast color - suggesting a sharp and highly visible presence, just like he is on the Romanian motorsport scene. The main challenge was to keep the presentation as simple and clean as possible, with so much relevant information which had to be written in a practical way.
Visual Identity, Story Construction
Sponsorship Presentation
Hero Card design
2016, 2017
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